Warrior’s Weekend 2

Warrior’s Weekend 2
03 Jun 2015

Spetember 13th and 14th was our Warriors Weekend 2! This event was absolutely amazing!! The first Warriors Weekend we hosted reaised the bar so high for us, that I wasn’t quite sure how the second event would be…as it turns out, it was even better!

We kept the same line up of instructors as last time. This group has a very unique dynamic and chemistry. I don’t consider them just instructors, these guys are my brothers. I’ve trained with and still train with all of them. You may already know this, but fact is that once you bleed, sweat, and endure hardships with anyone an unspoken bond is formed with them. We all share that bond.

Day 1 was absolutely crazy! Between Carlos Flores working Dog Brothers double stick and an INTENSE circuit training method, Dominick Izzo showing his complete annihilation of anything in his path, and Alex Embry rocking the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with his take on positional dominance…I think it is safe to say that we all went home that night beat to hell and smiling ear to ear!

Day 2 started off with Paul Ingram and his Pekiti Tersia Kali. It’s quite the sight to see Paul in action! He’s fast, precise, and hell bent on the attack. He laid out the “combat geometry” roadmap to PTK…simply awesome! I followed him with my Ballisitc JKD tactics. My goal was to give an insight to Close Quarters Combat, give the “training framework” and show the group how to instantly and systematically shut anyone down! The group got the big picture, and made it their own right away.

If you missed the action, you missed the event of the year!!!

More imporatnt than just action is the brotherhood, the network, and the martial experience that Warriors Weekend perpetuates. People from all over the US exposing themselves to the unknown. Experiencing, Evolving, and Expressing without prejudice or lmitations of any one system or art. PRessure testing what they know, so they can learn the things they don’t know. Simply Awesome.

I’ll be posting pics and maybe a few videos on our Facebook page and on the new website www.WarriorsGlobal.com soon. Stay tuned!

-Nik Farooqui



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