01 Jun 2015

Here we are approaching February of 2014. We are in a new year, with new goals, in a new location…things are looking Xtreme! But it wasn’t always so, for any change there must be introspect, and for introspect there must be challenges.

I’ve learned this lesson from Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, the idea of constantly evolving and and re-evolving. Change is a difficult neccessity, but with time and discipline will yield true gratification. From the era of when Bruce Lee came to the U.S. with his Wing Chun Gung Fu to his final days, he transformed several times.

His experiences and studies led him to develop his own truth which we now know as Jeet kune Do. But it is not to be seen as an art or science, rather it should be a way of living. Jeet Kune Do teaches us to constantly evolve, strive to be better, more efficient, more complete and less diluted. These are principles that we could apply in our own lives, in all aspects. Just as Jeet Kune Do evolved and still evolves, we as simple human beings must do the same.

For those who know me, also know that the past 2 years have been very challenging. Anything from injuries to the loss of family members to the facing business challenges. I turned to my mentor, instructor and friend Sifu Roy Harris on many occasions asking for some guidance. He graciously stepped up to the plate and advised me in his own way. The underlying element to all of our late night talks….Introspect, Awareness, and Re-Invention. The fascinating but challenging experiences we face everyday in our careers, relationships, and ourselves aren’t just hard times…but hard lessons. Be aware of them and the things associated with them, look to yourself and make the decision to better yourself, and enjoy the re-invention. This applies to every part of your life…fitness, martial arts, parenting, relationships, careers, and anything else you can think of.

What do you want to change? And what are you waiting for?
-Sifu Nik



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