Do You Work Hard…or Do You Challenge Yourself?

01 Jun 2015

Here’s a great question that I constantly ask myself and my clients. Do you work hard, or do you challenge yourself? Whether we are discussing Jeet Kune Do, Martial Arts, Fitness, or simply any other aspect of life…we should realize that working hard and challenging yourself are two different things!

Let’s start with a simple example. Often, in my fitness groups I get people who go to the gym daily to lift weights, or run on the treadmill to burn those calories. Then they come to our kettlebell or cardio kickboxing class and say “I thought I was in better shape…why am I dying here?” And the answer is simple…they work hard at what they are familiar with, but class time here is challenging them. We are pushing harder, motivating more, and making people use muscle groups that they typically never use. That is how we get results!

Here’s another example…I have several students in our Jeet Kune Do program that have previous martial arts experience and think that Jeet Kune Do will be easy for them. Once they get moving with us, they simply feel like a newbie! Why? Because we are challenging their skills in a way that has not been done for them before.

Working hard is great, but typically it means that we are in an activity that we are familiar with. Challenges take us into unknown, unfamiliar areas. I have always maintained that TRUE GROWTH comes from challenges. That is where I learn the most about myself, and that is where I get results, and mainly, that is where I better myself in all aspects of life.

Here’s the only catch, when we challenge ourselves often we fail. Following that we make excuses to band-aid our ego’s. But the secret is to learn from that failure, welcome it, and understand that without failing we never really grew as a human being. And keep those excuses out of your head….they do nothing but expend negative energy around us.

So…let me ask you again, do you work hard or do you challenge yourself?

Be safe, Be Well,

SIfu Nik



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