Do You Want Success? Part 9

01 Jun 2015

Here we are with Part 9! Seems long,,,,but I promise you it’s well worth the work. Besides…we only have one more installment to go!!!

Rule #9…Making Memories!

Rule #9 is very simple…this is where you go thru all your notes and memorize. You need to know the in’s and out’s of your plan….if not then I guarantee that you will get sidetracked and frustrated. As you move along, you will face some challenges and distractions that we call “life.” In the mix, you will inevitabley forget where you were, and where you wanted to be, So take a the next few days and seriously memorize your timeline, roadmap, and research.

Having this in a clear memory will also let you make quick and critical decisions! That will be an important part of your journey. Ever heard the saying “You snooze you lose?” It is 100% true! Better know your game,…or I promise you that Murphy’s Law will take you off of it!

While you are memorizing, you will also want to make some changes to the plan. Some things may not make sense….this is perfectly fine! But remember to not stall out and keep revising things or they will never get done. Sometimes you have to roll the dice and go with it.

Imagine this to be a college level final exam! STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!




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