Do You Want Success? Part 8

01 Jun 2015

Welcome back! Are you ready for Part 8?

Up to this point you’ve made a some distinct choices. You’ve defined success, defined failure, made a roadmap, researched, found new friends, got rid of some negative influences and made a timeline. Phew!!! This success thing seems like a lot of work! Well…it is. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Rule #8…Planning Point A to Point B

In Part 7 you should’ve established a timeline with mini goals. But now you have to plan for each goal. How do you plan on going from your starting point to hitting the first goal? Then from the first goal to the second? And so on.

The reason why you have to look at this in such a detail oriented perspective is because you need to have a clear vision, a game plan, and a system. A couple years ago I was sitting with a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. This guy was sharp! When I started to ask him about the success of his business and his journey…I realized that he left no stone unturned. His entire operation was a well oiled machine and left no detail behind. When I gave him that look of “Holy crap! That’s pretty intense” he turned to me and said “You’ve heard that the devil is in the details? Well it is not, the devil is in forgetting the details.”

His point was that if you really plan to get ahead, we have to plan down to miniscule matter and know exactly what you’re doing. Leave nothing to chance!

Here’s an example in my own life in starting my own martial arts school….
1. I needed X amount of students to train with me at the house and I gave myself 3 months to have that number, and 3 months to maintain.
2. Once I had the capital generating from them, I wanted to rent a facility for X amount in dollars. I gave myself 2 months to find that space and be operating in it.
3. Once I acquired that location, I needed to increase my students by Y amount and maintain them for Y time, within 6 months.
4. After hitting that goal it was time to take a chance and have a retail location of my own instead of renting space from someone else’s studio.

And so on!

I gave myself time limits, financial/clientel requirements, and without boring you further, I wrote out my avenues of generating those clients, how much I needed to spend on each avenue, what each resource should produce, how much time I would spend with each resource, and so forth.

Almost every goal I had, I was fortunate to hit ahead of schedule! Those mini-successes were my motivation! So I urge you to take your time, and write out the details. It will be worth its weight in gold!




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