Do You Want Success? Part 6

01 Jun 2015

Welcome back!! I hope you had a great weekend and possibly even made some time to review the previous 5 steps to success that I’ve outlined for you. It’s important that even on weekends we spend a little time toward our success!

Here we are at Rule #6. This is probably the hardest one to do in my opinion. It requires a little bit of heartbreak, frustration, and time. So what is Rule #6?

Rule #6…Cut The Fat Out Of Your Life!

What do I mean by “Cut the fat out?” It simply means cutting out the people who bring nothing to the table, and aren’t willing to push themselves for success. Does this mean you should log into your Facebook and start de-friending everyone…no! It simply means a couple things.

1) Your time is valuable. And by surrounding yourself with negative or complacent people means that you are exposed to their habits. Where do you want to put your time? Around the people who aren’t pushing themselves, or only talk about pushing themselves but do nothing? Or around people who strive for better, and want you to do better at the same time? It’s a simple answer! Get with the people who are striving for better, and learn from them, share with them, and grow with them!

2) Cut out the toxins! It’s one thing for people who don’t DO anything, and another when people only do NEGATIVE things! You know them…constant drama! These folks honestlty have to be cut out. While these toxic people may not be ruubbing off on you…but their drama requires your time and energy. And you are about to embark your own challenges that require your full undivided attention.

Here’s a simple question I’ve had to ask myself…. “Is xyz person an asset or a liability in my life?” Meaning they either help me grow and I do the same for them, or they simply consume resources. It’s that simple.

Once you figure that out, make a list. In one column list out the people in your life that you deal with at least once a week. In another column give them a grade, 1= Excellent Asset and 5= Severe Liability. Start with the 5’s and systematically remove them. Ideally you want all 1’s and 2’s in your life…maybe a couple 3’s. But 4’s and 5’s are unacceptable.

None of this will be easy, but I guarantee once you get thru it, you’ll feel an immediate weight lifted from your shoulders and a new positive vibe in your life!

Best of Luck….this is tough!




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