Do You Want Success? Part 5

01 Jun 2015

Is your brain on kill mode yet? Do you have the laser precise vision yet? Are you feeling the steamroll coming on? I hope so!!!

Part 5!!! This is the fun part and also the half way point!

Rule #5: Surround Yourself With Do’ers!

Now that you have a vision, a plan, an outline, a bunch of research…it’s time to surround yourself with success. When I was young, my dad used to tell me that if I hang out with losers I will become a loser. I used to get very upset about him saying that, but later in life I realized he was right. We inherit the habits of those around us.

If you want to lose weight, why on Earth would you want to be around people who have an unhealthy lifestyle? These are people that influence your life my osmosis! A comedian once joked ” A crackhead doesn’t hang out with a church-loving person….it doesn’t work.” So true.

Some of my best inspirations, motivations, and realizations come from the people I hang out with. Other martial arts school owners, fitness buffs, law enforcement agents, etc. And we each pick up small gems of info from each other, habits from each other, and by default we all help each other get to our goals.

Furthermore, recently I myself had a realization. After years of people just circling around me and trying to associate themselves to our training but never actually doing anything, I decided to cross them off the list. All they do is talk, never do. So my time is dedicated to do’ers, not talkers.

Go make some friends who KNOW success and KNOW how to push themselves. Watch them, learn from them, share with them.

Stay tuned for Part 6 tomorrow!




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