Do You Want Success? Part 4

01 Jun 2015

Welcome back!

Part 4 of “Do You Want Success” is definitely a tough one! It will require time and energy but well worth the efforts. If you’ve followed along the first 3 parts, you’ve now defined what success is, what it isn’t, and done a pile of research so you can get a clear idea of what it takes. So let’s hit the drawing board!


I know many folks who get great ideas and even put together a semi-clear game plan in their head. But when they get moving, it all falls apart. The secret here is to actually write out your game plan. Things like how to get started, the steps to your ultimate goal, the conclusion of your path, and sidenotes of potential hardships that you think you may face along the way.

This is more of an outline than a thesis. Just something to get the brain going, and building a roadmap. Don’t quite get into a nitty-gritty details quite yet. The odds are that your outline will change a few times of the next few days. But it is important to document the original idea and the changes so you can constantly refer back to them.

Here is an example….one of the aspects of teaching martial arts that I wanted to have is teaching to law enforcement agencies. But that is tough nut to crack, I had to do some MAJOR brainstorming and revising my ideas sometimes 10-12 a day!!! After the plan came together, and I followed the upcoming steps, I’ve been blessed with the ability to teach to local law enforcement, federal agencies, military groups, SWAT teams and security personnel. Now leaving me as a “preferred contractor” in the law enforcement world. How did I get there? I planned, outlined, revised, and then did it all over again. But if it wasn’t for my original notes, I would’ve totally been lost!

So take some time, make a solid outline of your journey, and consider it one of the best investments of your time!

Stay tuned for Part 5 tomorrow!




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