Do You Want Success? Part 2

01 Jun 2015

So you want to be successful. And if you read the first entry of this series, then you now understand that you had to define what success is. You have a clear vision, understanding and hopefully a goal! So what is the second part?

The second part to success is the hardest of them all! Rule #2 seems to turn a lot of people off or discourage them. Simply put, if you can’t get past this…you’ll never get to be truly successful.


Knowing what failure is just as, if not even more, important as knowing what success is. Now, I truly don’t care much for the word “failure” as it connotates a negative emotion. But fact of the matter is that nothing will teach you better than success. Here is an example…you go on a diet after much research and late night infomercials. Turns out the diet deprives your body particular nutrients and makes you ill. Now you’ve learned that this particular diet is NOT for you!

Same method applies to success. In order for anyone to truly know what they want, they have to also know what they DO NOT want. And you can’t discover those until you’ve faced it.

In Part 1 I told you that I had my construction business and was making big bucks but working crazy hours and had no time to do anything else. Guess what, before I dealt with the nonstop work, in a non self fullfilling industry, and the craziest schedule known to mankind, I used to think that this kind of lifestyle was successful. Afterall, I had money, toys, house, cars, motorcycles, ATV’s etc. But it simply never made me feel successful or complete.

It was by experiencing failure that I got a clearer, more concise vision of what I want and how to get there.

Now I ask you….What DON’T you want?

Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow!




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