Cold Weather and YOU! 6 Tips to Beat Winter!

Cold Weather and YOU! 6 Tips to Beat Winter!
03 Jun 2015

Once again the cold weather is upon us, and if you are anything like me…you already got the winter blues! The days of t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops seem like an eternity away, and we haven’t even really begun winter.

In these cold months, you might find yourself changing. Syptoms like depression, weight gain, loss of energy, bad mood, and joint pains are commonly associated with the winter months for many. So what do we do to battle those?

First, it is important to realize that these symptoms are a common place for this time of year. Recognizing that it comes with the territory also means that there are ways to overcome. It just takes a little more work than ususal. Even science has proven that the negatives that come with cold weather are reversible with a little diligence.

Here are a few tips to make sure that you survive the cold, and don’t fall into the black hole we call winter!

1. Keep your body warm! Dress appropriately for the weather and avoid drastic changes in environment. Don’t run out to the garage that has 15 degree temps to get something from the car in your boxers then come back inside to a 75 degree house. This kind of rapid weather change is sure way to get sick!

2. Dynamic Stretching! Throughout the day, it is important to keep muscles and joints limber. Take multiple small 2-3 min breaks and stretch lightly. This will keep many aches and pains away. Arm circles, arm crossing, neck rolling etc.

3. Pre-Warm Up: When you get to the gym or academy, take a few minutes extra to warm up. Run in place, do some jumping jacks, power walk or whatever you like. But getting the blood flow is important!

4. Eat right! I know it is tough to eat properly with all the holidays we have in the winter, and it is good to enjoy those things but do so in moderation. More importantly, avoid the “feel good” foods we munch on everyday to help us cope with cold weather. It is proven that in the cold months, our bodies are working to keep temps up so they try to store fat for energy. So that gooey chocolate muffin you are negotiating with right now…please turn away! It will surely become a resident in the belly!

5. Exercise is more important NOW than ever! In order to burn calories, get the heart rates up, and simply have an endorphin increase to combat depression…we gotta push a little bit harder and little more consistently! I know it is tough to leave the house and go to the gym when we have subzero temps…that is when we need to do it most!

6. Hot Thoughts! It is no secret that many of us get stress out this time of year. The malls are like a war zone, the roads are like a bumper car arena, and we typically wake up every morning and mumble some four letter explicitives! So make sure that you take a few minutes each day and de-stress the mind and spirit. Meditate, do some breathing exercises, or my personal favorite….go sit in the sauna for 15 minutes. Sometime even a few extra minutes in the hot shower are helpful.

Try these simple tips, and most importantly…get into a fitness or martial arts class. That will give you accountability, a mental break, and motivation to perform!

See ya soon!



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